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Embrace the Ultimate Cuddle Set

Indulge in Unparalleled Luxury

Introducing the versatile and luxurious Cuddle set, a companion that seamlessly transitions between your home and your travels. With its exquisite design and unparalleled comfort, it is perfect for any setting.

At home, the Cuddle set adds a touch of elegance and coziness to your living space. Whether you're curling up on the couch for a movie night or enjoying a quiet evening by the fireplace, this cashmere wonder wraps you in a world of comfort. Its delicate Italian craftsmanship and softness make it the perfect accessory for ultimate relaxation.

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The appointment

"I use my skills and experience to guide you in the choice of yarns, cuts, colours and to interpret the current fashion in order to create bespoke pieces just for you, that make you unique."

Carmen Basilique offers a unique experience by giving you the chance to interact directly with the designer. Book an appointment to create your new seasonal wardrobe or to find the perfect outfit for a special event. The showroom is designed in the smallest detail to guarantee an unforgettable experience in a relaxed and professional environment: the ideal background for your complete satisfaction.


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Carmen Basilique - My World

Elegance without time

Anytime is a perfect moment to wear "Carmen Basilique". A dress, a skirt, a jacket, a coat or a pair of trousers, combine glamour, discretion, simplicity and comfort. Knitwear is synonymous with timeless modernity, but it is also precious, comfortable and versatile. For these reasons, Carmen Basilique develops collections by carefully selecting the yarns most suited to the requirements of each individual garment. Each season offers new models, remaining faithful to the concepts of style and elegance that distinguish individual collections and make customers unique.

Carmen Basilique - My World

Made in Italy with love

Fashion is a fine balance between feeling and looking great, true to yourself and always in line with current trends. A perfect harmony of lines, colours and personality Is what makes a collection truly great, modern and evergreen.

Each season, Carmen Basilique creates new designs, tailoring her new collections with the style, elegance and personality of each customer. Each creation is a small revolution, capable of reinventing and transforming itself without losing its individuality. This is how the smallest details and the biggest novelties merge to leave their unmistakable mark and make her customers feel both in step with the latest trends and at ease in every situation.

"I will never compromise on the beauty of my profession and the passion for it that powers me every day."

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Carmen Basilique, The Modern Artisan

Designing and giving life to an exclusive, unique garment, entirely made to measure in Italy by the best artisans, just for you.

From the union of sartorial know-how and research in the digital field, collections are created and made entirely in Italy exclusively by the best artisans led by Carmen Basilique, ready to redesign the concept of luxury making it sustainable and contemporary.>

Exclusive collections handcrafted using high quality natural and organic materials from selected suppliers according to eco-sustainable principles. Cashmere, wool, silk, linen, cotton, bamboo… are all ecological yarns from Italian companies deriving from a completely traceable supply chain.

The creation and development of garments take place by incorporating digital innovation with the ancient artisan tradition, two tools that allow to enrich the nowadays ephemeral concept of fashion.

Experience haute couture

Carmen Basilique

Knitwear in the heart of Lugano

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Precious yarns...

...for luxurious wear

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An unmissable experience

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